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Hello and Welcome We are an independent, expert advisory team with a specialised network to assist in the optimisation of business processes. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, and would be pleased to be of service to you and your company. Our initial call is free of charge!
Find the most suited solution for every business situation! The overcoming of corporate change is a major task for any entrepreneur or manager. During this process, the most diverse economic factors need to be taken in to account and incorporated. However, frequently a lack of time and knowledge leads ultimately to negative consequences for the company. With PROAXIS you have found an independent advisory team, which specialises in the exact needs of small and medium sized companies and enterprises. Our clients receive the appropriate solutions, which can be best implemented by considering the respective corporate, business and financial performance of the company. The portfolio of services from PROAXIS | EU Business Consulting LTD  covers virtually every aspect of business optimisation.
Take advantage of business opportunities abroad! The European Union as well as individual, country specific arrangements enables the relocation or expansion of companies abroad. This results in a wealth of opportunities and gives you and your company clear benefits. PROAXIS evaluates and advises you on the appropriate business strategy.
EU Insolvency Law From the onset of the threat of insolvency in Germany, the length of the legal proceedings can last for many years. For example, consumer insolvencies last on average 7-8 years until all remaining debts are cleared. There are however, alternatives which allow you to be free of debt within approximately 18 months. We find the most suited solution for you, and support you every step of the way.
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